Conseils de course pour le marathon de Boston 2012

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Le marathon, c'est pour très bientôt ! Que ce soit votre premier marathon de Boston, ou votre dernière participation à cette course « monstrueuse », voici quelques conseils de la part de coureurs expérimentés du marathon de Boston qui vous aideront à tenir la cadence !

Before Race Day:

Stick to YOUR routine!
After registering for the race, you may be tempted to try new shoes, new energy drinks, or new methods of running to get that extra edge. This is the biggest mistake you can make! Your body will be experiencing a lot of change while running this 26.22 mile (42.195 km) race. Stick to your regular routine so that your body is more aware of the important changes during the run, and your body can properly adapt to these changes to keep you at a good pace. Don't break your usual running routine the day, week, or month before the marathon, so your body can keep up with your racing ambition!

Don’t OVER prepare!
We know that running day means you feel the need to stuff your face with as much pasta as you can get your hands on. But remember, don't eat too much! Running a marathon is not like cramming for an exam. You don't want an extra full stomach to slow you down on race day. So don't drink too many liquids, don't have a large breakfast, or else the only place you'll be running to during the race is the bathroom.


On Race Day:

Start SLOW!
Don't try to compete with a fast starter - one of you will burn out by the time you reach Framingham. The first mile of the Boston Marathon is all downhill. Instead of taking advantage of this seemingly extra push of momentum, save your strength for the uphill battles. The Boston Marathon is notorious for its famous five hills. So don't forget to keep your back straight while descending hills to prevent injury, and save your strength for ascending hills to give yourself that extra push to come out on top!

Every year the Boston Marathon has over half a million spectators lining up along the roads to cheer for you on this momentous day. Use the energy of the crowd to your advantage, and keep to your right side if possible and interact with them. High five as many Wellesley girls and Boston College students as possible (and maybe hug one for good luck)! Also, don't forget to check out the PUMA Cheer-Zone while you are conquering Heartbreak Hill or tweet to #inspirespeed for all the marathon runners. The people of Boston will inspire you to press on, so let them pump you up!

Enjoy YOUR Moment!
The Boston Marathon is one of the five World Marathon Majors. You should be proud of your accomplishment of becoming a world marathoner, no matter what time you get! So as you are running, take a moment every now and then to really ENJOY the race. The scenery is beautiful, the crowd is cheering for you, soak it all in. But remember-- do NOT look at your watch while crossing the finish line! Look straight forward at the cameras, and let the world see your smile of victory and cherish the memory forever! 

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