Hålla Tummarna* (Soit, comment nous avons survécu à ces Jeux)

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Some will tell you that the last few weeks were epic. And they were. World records. A Spice Girls reunion. Que pourriez-vous demander de plus ?

Well, for starters: sleep. No matter your time zone, these Games have sucked up loads of nerves and energy. While PUMA athletes and teams were running laps, triathlons, and marathons (and winning, by the way, winning big time) most of us were running on pure adrenaline by Day 7. 

These events bring out the fanatic and patriot in us all. For those of us rooting for Sweden, we held our thumbs until they damn near snapped off. Which is why we were extra grateful for stumbling upon Fika on Brick Lane. It helped us cope with the highs, lows, and long nights.

First, our apologies to Great Britain for ditching afternoon tea for the traditional Swedish fika-a break that takes place late morning and always includes coffee and oftentimes traditional pastry. London's Fika Bar & Kitchen does just that and then some with its reindeer-adorned walls, twangy music, and authentic-and-caffeine-packed coffee. It quickly became one of our favorite local nooks.

Did we mention that it has a roof deck? Fika has a roof deck.

After a few stops by this little Swedish haven, we still held our thumbs, but not so tensely. And for that, we say, tack. 

Visit: www.fikalondon.com


*The literal translation means "holding your thumbs" which is what Swedish fans do as opposed to crossing their fingers.