La fièvre du skate du vendredi soir en Estonie

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À Tallinn, le week-end commence sur des roulettes et se termine au bar.

There's probably some law of physics that explains how using energy somehow gives you more energy, or something like that, but looking it up sounds like a waste of…energy. Instead, let's just put it out there that we heartily endorse a bit of physical activity before a big weekend; it's like it gives us a second wind we didn't even know we had.

When in Tallinn, earning our second wind means hitting up the Friday Night Skate (FNS) club, a misfit collection of hardcore inline skaters, office workaholics itching for a way to unplug, and hipsters who swear that rollerblading is the second coming of fixed-gear biking. What do they all have in common? Oh right, we just gave it away.

From early spring through autumn - or really whenever there's not a thick carpet of snow on the ground - the FNS gathers in Freedom Square by the old church at 20:00 sharp, taking advantage of the lasting sunlight. From there, the city and surrounding outskirts become our playground, a 20km free-flowing course where the beauty of Tallinn whirrs by just fast enough to make out the occasional detail.

If we're lucky, our teammate with the boom box will join us for the ride, soundtracking the early evening with enough beats to get us back to Freedom Square in time for some tricks. At this point, we'd recommend not volunteering to be one of the 10 skaters lying on the ground, praying that our fellow Friday Night Skater will succeed in jumping over us.

Instead, heading to the nearest bar for a revitalizing shot of Vana Tallinn sounds like a better plan. After all, the weekend's just getting started, and energy begets energy, right?

Photos courtesy of Eugenijus Barzdžius.

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