Les motards bengalis se balladent

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Que faire lorsque l'envie nous prend d'être au grand air, de vivre quelques aventures et de passer du temps avec nos camarades ? Nous prenons la route. Découvrez ce reportage photo et accompagnez nous.


In Dhaka, biking is the latest craze. All over the region, underground groups and informal networks are getting out of the city on long rides. BDBikerz is one such group. Recently we caught eight of them on a trip to the outskirts of Dhaka. Loaded with water, helmets, and a little fire in our bellies, we navigated the traffic of Dhaka.

Once we escaped the city, we cruised along from dawn to dusk with occasional stops to rest and chow down on local food.


On Fridays, the local holiday, it’s common to see groups of bikers, with as many as 25 riders, cascading through the streets of Dhaka.


But some amped bikers don't wait till the weekend holiday. After hours, especially after midnight when the city dwellers are nowhere to be found, the bikers take over the streets. Often they race. Sometimes they make nightlong trips to Cox's Bazaar, Rajshahi, and other districts.


To enjoy the breezy rides, all you need is a healthy dose of enthusiasm, a little bit of caution and the willingness to go wherever the road takes you.


Photos courtesy of Khaled Hasan. 

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