Améliorez votre récupération post-entraînement avec le système RCVR

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Récupérez après vos entraînements les plus exigeants grâce aux collants longs TP Fitness RCVR.

Engineered for high performance, PUMA's new TP Fitness RCVR Long tight fuses the benefits of compression with those of strategically placed athletic tape to help enhance the body's natural systems and assist in a more efficient post-workout muscle recovery. 

RCVR Technology*

Athletic Tape – Integrated directly into the interior of the garment to help aid the recovery of your most exhausted muscles post workout.

Compression – Strategically placed to micro-massage you skin in your most critical areas, intending to help your muscles recover

Additional Benefits Include:

+ Intended to support muscles

+ Moisture management system

+ Targeted, graduated advanced compression

*En instance de brevet PCT

RCVR is part of the ACTV RCVR System. Learn more about how this system helps you stay ACTV and RCVR fast.

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